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  • 1. Can Focush be used alone, or do I have to use it with the Focush app?
    You can use Focush alone. Even if you have not installed the Focush App, you can still use Focush to create tasks, manage tasks, and perform most of its functions. If you want to view your task report or invite friends to join a task, you must install the Focush App to connect the functions noted above.
  • 2. What are the functions of Focush and the Focush app?
    Focush -> Set tasks, perform tasks, view rewards. The Focush app -> Set tasks, invite friends to join tasks, manage friends, view rewards, and view task reports.
  • 3. Does Focush need an Internet connection?
    Focush does not need to be connected to the Internet. The Focush app must be connected to the Internet when you sync your tasks or a friend's information.
  • 4. Does the Focush app require payment?
    No, the Focush app is free.
  • 5. Does the Focush app record my personal data?
    The Focush app records the tasks which you’ve preset, the duration of tasks you've completed, and the friends you’ve added. These help Focush improve functionality. We do not collect any personal information that can be used to identify you.
  • 6. How long do I need to charge Focush for the first time?
    We recommend that you use a charger of 5V 1A or above. You should charge Focush for 2 hours before using it for the first time.
  • 7. How long can Focush be used when fully charged?
    When Focush is fully charged, it can be on standby mode for a month and be used continuously for 8 hours.
  • 8. Does the Focush app only work on my phone? Can it also be used on tablets?
    You can use the Focush app on any iOS or Android phone or tablet.
  • 9. How do I know if the Focush app is compatible with my mobile/tablet?
    The Focush app can be installed on any mobile device with iOS 12+ or Android 6.0+.
  • 10. Can Focush only be connected to a phone/tablet?
    Yes, Focush can only be connected to a phone/tablet. If you change to a new phone/tablet, you just need to log in with your ID and password on the new device.
  • 11. Is there a limit to the number of task lists?
    No limit.
  • 12. Is there a time limit for the task?
    There are two options for the Timer Settings. 1. No Timer. 2. Timer - You can set a maximum of 125 minutes for the task.
  • 13. I don't need a reward, can I hide it?
    Yes, you can switch off the reward in the Settings.
  • 14. Can I set a reminder for tasks?
    Yes, you can set an alarm to remind you.
  • 15. Can I pause my task at any time?
    For 'Focush Timer' tasks, you can pause the task at any time. For 'Pomodoro' Timer' (tasks with explicit requirements), you cannot pause the task.
  • 16. Can I delete my preset tasks?
    Yes, you can delete your preset tasks.
  • 17. What is the function of the spinning button on the product?
    The spinning button is to alert you once the task is completed.
  • 18. Why should I use Focush rather than another similar task management app?
    You can easily get distracted by your phone when using apps. When using Focush, you can disconnect from your phone and focus on your task.
  • 19. Can I have a break during the task? If so, what is the break time?
    'Focush Timer ' task — You can pause it at any time to have a break. 'Pomodoro Timer ' tasks — These have a clear duration requirement. Focush presets a 5-minute break for every 25 minutes when you are on a task. You cannot make changes.
  • 20. What languages does Focush support?
    Focush supports English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. If you want to create the task names in Chinese, Japanese and Korean, you need to create them through the Focush App.
  • 21. Does the screen light up during a task?
    Yes, the screen lights up during a task for you to see the amount of time left for the task. If you want the screen to go into sleep mode, you can press the ON/OFF key to turn off the screen. Once the task is completed, the screen will automatically light up and the button will spin to notify you.
  • 22. Sometimes I consider setting a task but I don't have a clear plan for it in the moment. Can Focush help me?
    Yes, the Focush ‘Dump Task’ function can help you. On the Focush app, you can add these tasks you are uncertain about to ‘Dump Tasks’ and transfer them to ‘Task List’ once you have a clear plan for them in the future.
  • 23. Will Focush remind me about overdue tasks?
    We understand that overdue tasks are inevitable, and that doesn't mean you're not working hard enough. When an overdue task occurs, the task will be removed from the schedule to the ‘Overdue Tasks’ folder. You can always check the Overdue Tasks folder and carry them out at any time.
  • 24. Can Focush be able to sync today's tasks from Google Calendar?
    Yes, Focush App can sync form Google calendar, Apple calendar, or other ics format calendar.
  • 25. Does it come with something to protect the screen?
    Unlike mobile phones, the Focush's screen design is not Flat, it has a raised plastic case around it, so the screen is not easily scratched.
  • 26. How to pairing Focush with APP?
    1. Tap ‘Pairing APP’on Focush device. If your Focush device doesn't show ‘Pairing APP’, you can tap ‘QR code ‘icon on task list screen. Your Focush device will show the QR code. 2. Tap the ‘Scan ‘icon on Focush APP, scan the QR code on Focush device. 3. Your Focush device will display "Focush App user '***' wants to connect with you. Will you accept?" Tap "OK" to complete pairing. During subsequent use, as long as your Focush App is close to the Focush device, the App and Focush device will automatically establish a Bluetooth connection. *** If you need to connect your Focush device to a new device, for example: if you have pairing your Focush device to an iPad, and you want to connect it to an iPhone now, you only need to install the Focush App on your iPhone, and log in your ID and Password in the Focush App of iPhone. Then you can use your iPhone to connect to your Focush device.
  • 27. How to import calendar(s) from google calendar or any third-party calendar?
    If the third-party calendar provided an ICS format calendar link, you can add it to Focush. You can add the ICS link in Focush App under Profile - Import Calendar. If you are using Google Calendar, you can obtain the ICS link from 'Google Calendar' - 'Settings' - 'Settings for my calendars' - 'Integrate calendar' - 'Public address in iCal format'. If you are using iCloud Calendar, In Calendar on, click ‘share’ icon to the right of the calendar’s name in the sidebar, then select Public Calendar. You will get a URL link start with "webcal://", please replace "webcal" with "https". Then Copy the link into Focush App - Profile - Import Calendar.
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